What is an air source heat pump?

An air source heat pump is an energy-efficient way to heat your home by using heat energy from outdoor air.

Which properties can have an air source heat pumps / systems?

We are able to install air source heat pumps in a range of different properties across the New Forest and surrounding areas. We offer a personalised and individual service, designing your heating system for your home specifically, whether you need to retrofit a system within your existing property, a new build property, a barn conversion or property renovation. Our recommendation and design will be for your property alone and will keep you and your family warm.

What are the benefits?

Air source heat pumps are one of the most energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies providing hot water and heating to your home, working at around 300% efficiency. This means that it will deliver more heat to your home for every penny spent, compared to a new conventional oil or gas heating system which works at around 90% efficiency. 

They also reduce our carbon footprint by minimising carbon emissions and also need minimal maintenance compared to gas or oil boilers. You will be saving money by having an air source heat pump installed by one of our trained and trusted engineers.

Air Source Heat Pumps are also easier to install than ground source pumps and typically provide far less disruption to the homeowners. A typical installation takes a couple of days – dependant on the size, type and layout of your property.

You can also claim government incentives to offset some of the cost of your installation, the government incentives page will give you full and up to date information on the current schemes.

Contact us for more information, we can help to talk you through the process of Air Source Heat Pumps.

You can also read our reviews to see how happy our past customers have been with installation of our air source heat pumps.

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