Keeping up to date with your boiler servicing and checking everything is in good working order can help with efficiency. We check its working correctly and safely, spotting potential problems early and therefore helping you avoid costly repairs.
If your boiler is relatively new, it is imperative you have your boiler servicing done annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer to retain the manufactures warranty.
We service all makes and models of boiler regardless of age.
Our engineers carry out a comprehensive list of tests and checks to ensure everything is running exactly as it should be on the boiler servicing, including:
– A visual inspection of the boiler and flue to ensure your boiler still meets current standards. Visual inspection of entire length of boiler flue
– Boiler casing removed to visually check all the boiler components and check inside for leaks and heat or other damage
– Polarity earth bonding and fuse rating checked
– Fire up boiler check sequence and ensure flue terminals are unobstructed, flue is clear and passes performance check
– Flue gas analysis to check carbon monoxide presence and ratios, testing of emissions
– Clean burner and or flue as necessary
– Tightness test to ensure no gas leaks
– Boiler case fitted back on and all settings returned to before boiler service
– Service record or boiler service checklist/gas safety certificate provided
– Visual inspection of condition of all visible pipe work in proximity to boiler (within space/room)
– Inspect air pressure on boiler expansion vessel, add if necessary
– Check boiler pump performance
– Check gas inlet pressure
– Review gas pressure on downstream side of gas valve 
– Checks for satisfactory ventilation requirements
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