Are some radiators cold at the bottom?

Are some slow to heat?

Any strange noises coming from your boiler or heating system?

Heating systems can become very inefficient as the build-up of sludge and corrosion put extra stress on pumps and motorised valves, blocking pipe work and radiators.

If you’re experiencing any of the above, a full system power-flush may be the answer.

Benefits of power flushing include:

– Helps to improve efficiency.

– Extends the life of your boiler, circulation pump, valves etc.

– Radiators will heat fully and more quickly.

– Improved system reliability.

– Better quality of heating and hot water.

– Potentially reduce energy bills.

– Reduced likeliness of boiler breakdown.

– Reduced noise from boiler and radiators.

We use the Kamco Clearflow CF90 Quantum2 Power Flusher with MagnaCleanse Magnetic Filter for optimum cleaning results.

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