We are experts in installing ground source heat pumps. If you are considering a ground source heat pump (GSHP) to provide heating for your property, we are proud to be recognised nationally for our expertise as a heat pump installer across the New Forest and surrounding areas.

What is a ground source heat pump?

A ground source heat pump is a heating system that uses solar energy stored in the ground to heat up homes. GSHPs are more efficient than air source heat pumps as they rely on the relatively constant heat of the soil a few feet below the surface. However, they are not suitable for all properties and situations.

Which properties can have a ground source heat pump system?

Ground source heat pumps are a particularly appealing option for many New Forest homes as they are the perfect solution for rural properties. According to the Non-gas map, 28% of properties in The New Forest and 37% of properties across Romsey and Winchester have no access to mains gas. For this reason, heat pumps are an increasingly attractive alternative to oil or direct electrical heating.

GSHPs are ideally suited to barn conversions, many new-build properties or country home renovation projects with suitable clear land.

What are the benefits?

A ground source heat pump is very energy-efficient. A new conventional oil system works at 90% efficiency, whereas a GSHP works between 400 – 500% efficiency. Therefore, a GSHP system delivers significant annual savings depending on which conventional system you are moving from. Switching from LPG or direct electric will see the highest financial savings, closely followed by oil.

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